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Narcissistic Trauma

I am passionate about my role as a therapist.

Authenticity, respect, and integrity are important elements in my practice.

I have over 20 years of experience in gently guiding individuals & couples to achieve personal goals.  Whether your goal is to improve a relationship, gain self-confidence, or enhance your quality of life, my solution-focused and non-judgmental approach can help you achieve your goals. I look forward to supporting individuals who express a willingness to embark upon this important life changing process to grow & evolve.   

The first part of our interaction together will take the form of empathetic listening, while I learn about you, how you react to your experiences, and help you gain clarity on what you hope to achieve through this process.  I am particularly sensitive to individuals who need to go at their own pace when opening up to a therapist.  If you've attempted to share a personal matter in the past and felt minimized, misunderstood or judged, please know my priority during our time together is to provide a safe space where you feel comfortable and validated.

My approach is Holistic, which takes into account my client's emotional state, family system, as well as how the social environment impacts on daily life.


You are here because of your strength and determination to work on whatever is causing you distress.  You have taken a huge step towards taking control of your life and your well being!

I welcome the opportunity to walk with you on your journey  to self-discovery.



Anne Pestano

Years in Practice: 20+


Adelphi University

Integrative Practitioner

Licensed Mental Health Counselor - LMHC
Licensed Master Social Work - LMSW
Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner - MHIMP

I offer non-judgmental listening and guidance skills to my clients. My approach is to begin a process of healing and resolution from the first meeting through teamwork between counselor and client. In a crisis situation my goal is to lessen the feeling of the crisis to a level where good and clear decisions and choices can be made to cope with whatever challenges are in place.

Focusing on overall well being and both emotional and physical health creates a path for forward positive movement in one's desired direction in life. I also encourage and nurture personal growth, goals and balance.

Don Hunerberg

Life Coach,

Crisis Intervention Specialist

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Therapy for Growth & Healing
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