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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy - Just Because You Care

Here is a crazy scenario, a new young couple, only weeks away from their wedding day... sitting in a counselor's office. Now, here is where it gets crazy (no, that wasn't it), they are getting counseling and couples therapy, but they have no issues with their relationship. No conflicts, no unresolved issues before their big day, no problems at all, in fact, they are almost deliriously happy in love with one another. Yes, we heard you the first time - why are they getting couples counseling?

What if in some crazy world, people actually sought out couples counseling, just because they wanted to know how to communicate better with the ones they love? What if they went to couples therapy to learn the love language of their partners? What if, just what if they went to a therapist just because they love each other? Yes, that truly happens, and if you are interested in seeking therapy not because of a problem or issue but because you care, the professional couples therapists at LifeTalk Support can help.

Yes, sometimes and more often than not, couples seek out couples therapy because there is a problem, and that's alright too. The truth is, that is also smart, and it too shows that you care. It just begs the question though, how many issues would be avoided and how rarely would a couples counselor be needed to help with a relationship problem if they went before there was a problem? To help your relationship over troubled waters or just another way to get closer to the one you love, LifeTalk Support is here.

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